Pear (Naspathi)

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About Pear (Naspathi)


With its crisp bite and round contours, the Nashpati pear reminds us of an apple. The mild, sweet taste comes fully with incredible crunch and juiciness, while the peel adds a tanginess to the sweet flesh. 

Storage & Uses

Keep it well refrigerated for a week as they have a hard texture. Gently press your thumb near the stem end of the fruit, when it is soft, they are ready to eat. 
Feel the fresh texture of pears raw or in salads. Owing to the dense flesh, they can be consumed baked, roasted or grilled. Blend them into a smoothie when they over ripe.


Naspathi Indian pears are a good source of fiber and vitamin C. They improve digestion and help in weight-loss. They fight diabetes and provide anti-oxidants. Best pre or post workout snack as they are rich in natural fructose and glucose. Good for immune system and help to prevent cancer.

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